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    Translational Research Training in Sleep Medicine (T32)
    bullet point  Post Doctoral Program Description
    Our program provides salary support for 2-3 years of post-doctoral research and training, as well as modest funds to support research and educational opportunities. During the training period, fellows will have access to a large multidisciplinary faculty representing the breadth of contemporary sleep medicine research.

    The goal of this training program is to develop the next generation of sleep medicine researchers using a multidisciplinary, translational approach. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of sleep research skills, development of research questions and protocols, publication of peer-reviewed papers, and submission of a career development grant application to the National Institutes of Health. By the conclusion of the fellowship, trainees will have the skills necessary to begin their faculty career in academic sleep medicine.

    The core of the training program is mentored research conducted in the laboratories of the sleep medicine faculty. Each fellow will have one primary and one secondary faculty mentor to provide a broader perspective on his/her research. Rapid immersion to both animal and human sleep research will be provided to all trainees during an initial 4-week “basic training.” These activities will be supplemented by individually-selected courses in the Schools of Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh; regularly-scheduled seminars and lectures in sleep medicine; and participation in a research training “survival skills” course.

    Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in the T32 program and would like someone to contact you to discuss training opportunities.

    Finding a Mentor
    The training program includes 25 participating faculty representing three schools of the Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, and six departments and divisions within the School of Medicine. Click here for a list of participating faculty. The faculty conduct a wide range of basic, clinical, and population-based research in sleep medicine. Active areas of investigation include:

    • Functional imaging of human sleep
    • Neurobiology, clinical assessment, and treatment of insomnia
    • Sleep, sleep apnea, and cardiovascular risk
    • Interaction of sleep and circadian rhythms
    • Endocrine and metabolic aspects of sleep and sleep apnea
    • Genetics of human circadian rhythms
    • Population-based studies of sleep and sleep apnea
    • Sleep, stress responses, and post-traumatic stress
    • Animal models of sleep apnea and intermittent hypoxia
    • Affect, cognition, and sleep deprivation
    • Sleep and inflammation/neuroendocrine relationship in perinatal women

    Mentored Research Projects
    The trainee works within the research program of the mentor, where they are expected to have access to study subjects or laboratory samples, measurement tools and instrumentation, staff and laboratory space as needed. All have a workspace within the mentor’s program area. While some trainees may be using secondary or existing data to address their own research question, most are expected to participate in some aspects of ongoing research in order to learn more about the process of conducting research. Mentors meet with trainees on a regular basis, most often weekly.

    Application Deadlines
    Deadline for receiving post-doctoral fellowship applications for the 2016-2017 funding period (starting on or after July 1, 2016) is December 1, 2015
    Contact Information
    Linda Willrich
    T32 Administrator
    WPIC E1129
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